Let me just say what a lot of you are probably thinking, this is the perfect thing for any Michigan dad.

Picture this, you're out on the boat. You stop out at the sand bar and are in the water, maybe you've got a beer in your hand, and it's time to grill up some hot dogs but you don't have room on the boat. Enter this Michigan-made invention the "Float N' Grill" that may or may not be backed by one of the "sharks" on "Shark Tank."

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The Process

So how did we get to this point where there is an actual, working, floating grill?

Two motivated Michigan men, according to MLive, Michael Bashawaty of Livonia and Jeremy Quillico of Ionia started creating the grill about five years ago when they realized there was nothing else like it on the market.

CLICK HERE for the full story on how the "Float 'N' Grill" came to be from their website.

Then, after those five years of research and development, MLive reports, Bashawaty and Quillico were able to finalize the "first-ever operation floating grill" and actually started being able to take pre-orders for it.

The Grill

Now when I heard about this, I absolutely had my doubts. There are just so many things that could go wrong...especially because I was basically just picturing one of those miniature propane grills sitting on an innertube and was wondering how that doesn't melt?

Well, MLive says the specs of this grill are definitely a bit more advanced than that. They say the "Float 'N' Grill" features military-grade vinyl, a dual latch to lock the grill lid, a slot to hold the propane in place, a detachable grease trap, rust-proof materials...oh, and cup holders!

The 9-pound floating, grilling contraption is 35.5 inches long, 26.5 wide, 6.5 tall and sells for $229.

Now, we're not entirely sure how many they have sold or what their profit margins look like but we could find out as the team is finally going to be on "Shark Tank" and will have to present that information.

Catch Them On "Shark Tank"

You can catch Bashawaty, Quillico and the "Float 'N' Grill" on the ABC show, as reported by MLive, on Friday, May 14th at 8 p.m.

As far as which "Shark" will "bite" my money's on Mark Cuban!

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