“Some folks don’t like it when people smile, apparently.”

A mural that was just finished as part of the Flint Public Arts Project Mural Project has been painted over, and residents and the artist are not happy about it.

The mural in question is located at Stocker and Corunna Roads in Flint at the old Bogner Sound & Music building. It was painted by muralist and Flintstone Pauly M. Everett; he just finished the piece last week. He’s currently in Florida for a mural festival, but he took a few minutes to talk to us about it.

”It was a legal wall for the project. I painted on it for five days straight of the Indian summer-ish break of nice weather we just had. I got permission and do things professionally. I just wanted to make folks happy; kind of did it for the kids, ya know? I just love the colors and animation.”

Here’s a picture of what the mural looked like before it was defaced; Brandy Wood’s daughter, Gemma Spivey-McGhee, begged her mom to stop while they were running errands to take a picture of it.

Courtesy of Gemma Spivey-McGhee
Courtesy of Gemma Spivey-McGhee

Can anybody run these haters’ license plate for me?
Some folks don’t like it when people smile apparently. 😢

Posted by Pauly M. Everett on Saturday, November 14, 2020

Pauly says that he plans to repaint the mural when he returns home from Florida. It’s not clear who painted over it or why.

A huge shout out to anybody that supports the arts and keep the creativity level up! You can catch me downtown for Flint art walks and all over the art scene. New works coming soon!

You can follow Pauly on Instagram @flintundergroundkid.

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