Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

In case you haven't heard me say it on the radio or peeped my bio, I spent the last ten years of my life living in Alaska. Anchorage and Fairbanks. I moved there in 2007 after a stint in radio in Fort Wayne. And for those that are uninitiated, I did grow up in Michigan. Born in Mississippi. Used to visit my dad in Detroit during the summers. Moved up when I turned 13 or so. He had moved to the burbs by then. I went to high school in Rochester, Graduated from CMU in '93, have worked all over the state for the better part of my life. I spent a fair amount of my youth before and after college in Detroit so I'm Motor City and Lions for life.

But today was special. Today, I woke up in Michigan for the first day of Fall. For the first time in 10 years. I got back here last year on October 2nd. But today. Today was amazingly special. Because for one, I got to sleep in. You guys have no idea, being the morning show host and waking up at 4 am everyday can drain you. So to sleep in on a Saturday is heaven. And last night, I didn't turn the air conditioning on. I opened the windows. And I slept like a baby.

The breeze was nice. And the air was cool. And I woke up to a nice, brisk, crisp chill in the air and in the house. And it was amazing. Not too cold. But chill enough for mother nature to let you know, Summer was done. And Fall was here. Just that quick.

And today, to celebrate I did something pretty cool. For the first day of Fall, I went out to breakfast. A late breakfast. So, I guess it qualifies as brunch. And where did I go. Coney Island. And one of my favorites since I moved back home. Zeus' on Pennsylvania. And for lunch I had a coney. And a hani sandwich. Two things you can't get anywhere else but here in Michigan. I posted it on Facebook. And my friend in Indiana was confused as she had never heard of a "hani". And that really made me smile. Because it was something unique to home. And I was home. For the first day of Fall. In ten years.

It's the little things you have to be thankful for. Waking up. At home. In Michigan. On a crisp first day of Fall. You roll out of bed after sleeping in. You get dressed. Roll over to your favorite coney island. Grab a dog and a hani. And if you see the picture above, you'll note the coney didn't last long at all. Didn't stand a chance. This fat kid is happy.

There's no place like home. Pure Michigan lol.

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