I'm sure many of you have visited Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island...but when you were there, did you visit Heritage Village?

The Mackinaw Area Historical Society has been developing Heritage Village on 143 acres west of Mackinaw City. It represents the way Mackinaw residents lived, with many historic, original buildings. There's a sawmill, log cabin home, many artifacts and antiques, an old one-room schoolhouse, farm equipment and much more.

The era it represents are for the years 1880 - 1917, and is a treat to walk through. There are also many nature trails to enjoy, chock-full of information and details on 19th Century Mackinaw life.

Below are some pictures from our visit there not too long ago. Michigan history is so cool, no matter how far you have to travel to soak it in.

To find out more, CLICK THIS LINK and check out their website!

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