Down in Hillsdale County, about seven miles from the Ohio border, is the village of Frontier, tucked away in Woodbridge Township.

This is another of the endless supply of Michigan small towns that bears a drive-thru and look-see. The town was originated as a post office station between Hillsdale and Amboy, but it grew just a little larger than anticipated.

In Frontier's heyday, they had a mill (possibly more), blacksmith, general store, several other shops, post office, church, and one-room schoolhouse.

Driving thru Frontier's old downtown could make you feel a sense of desertion, as many times the streets are barren of traffic. But there are still a good number of people who reside there, so don't let that fool ya.

Still, a drive-thru will produce many great, old-time, smalltown photo ops for you, as many of the old buildings from the 1800's still stand, or have been renovated. There are some side streets in the area where you will find more old homes and structures.

Frontier is another of Michigan's small town's that deserves recognition...and your visit will be welcome.

(P.S.: Any time you have an opportunity to buy something in one of our small town "mom & pop" shops - restaurants, gift shops, etc., please do.)