Nothing gets people crankier than hot temperatures, big crowds and boy trouble. Those ingredients mixed to cause the Grand Haven pier to close for a short time on the Fourth of July.

Police and DNR officers from Grand Haven State Park had to resort to pepper spray to subdue up to 20 girls who were fighting in a huge crowd of 200 people in the middle of the south pier in Grand Haven Thursday night, according to the Grand Haven Tribune.

Officials were forced to close the pier for about an hour until the crowd had subsided. The fight started at about 7:30pm.

No one knows what started the fight, but the crowds, compromised mostly of teenagers and young adults were blocking the mid-part of the pier, making it difficult to get around them, which may have started the friction.

This photo, released by the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety, shows the crowded conditions on the newly renovated pier.


FOX-17 News reported that at least one person jumped into Lake Michigan to avoid confrontation, and had to be rescued after she clearly was struggling in the water.

No injuries were reported.

The pier reopened about an hour after the incident and the annual fireworks display went off as scheduled.

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