While at Michigan's Adventure in Muskegon I noticed the Lifeguards doing the weirdest yet coolest thing.

The young lifeguards each had a different section of the Lazy River and wave pools.  They would scan up / down, left / right and then swing their head around for a full scan almost like a really suave dance move.  Some of them were so into it.  It was crazy entertaining to watch.  This is not at all how I remember life guards in the past.  I thought they sat in a chair and jumped into action when someone got their attention.  This is kind of incredible.  Another cool thing I witnessed was the shift change.  When a lifeguard gets replaced both the new and the old lifeguard do a scan using their hands following the same path.  It almost looks like a ceremony.

I didn't have the guts to record video of this with my iphone.  I'm an older chubby guy, taking video of a teen lifeguard.  You can see how I wasn't in hurry to be in that situation.

But I found a video of a lifeguard doing a similar thing at a different wave pool.  See below.


This may not be as new as I thought since this video is from 2014.  However, I've never noticed it until they year.  And it's hard to miss.

Have you seen this new technique?

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