When I hear the name ‘Fargo’ I immediately think of the 1996 movie of the same name. The movie town of Fargo lies on the border of South Dakota and Minnesota…but Michigan has its very own Fargo.

The village of Fargo in Greenwood Township, St. Clair County, was once known as Farrs, named after the Farr family. The Farrs owned and operated sawmills and gristmills under the banner “A. Farr & Sons”.

The mills were set along Plum Creek, which has diminished to not much more than a trickle these days.

According to michiganrailroads.com, “It was located at a crossing of the Detroit, Bay City & Western line from Bay City to Port Huron, and a branch of the Port Huron & Northwestern railroad which ran east from Zion to Yale in northern St. Clair County.”

When the post office began operations in 1881, one of the Farrs – Charles – became first postmaster.

Along with the above-mentioned mills, the town had a good handful of stores and establishments, all of which have gone by the wayside. The post office shut down for good in 1959.

Today, Fargo is a pleasant village to drive-thru and see a few still-standing great old structures.....maybe explore some of the side roads and see what else you can discover about this town. There is a market where you can pull over and get munchies for your roadtrip.

Take some pictures and video when you go!


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