The fact that, according to the Lansing State Journal, he invited his mom to be part of his sex education class... I'm going out on a limb and guessing they've probably had "the birds and the bees" conversation already.

But, I guess, let's just get right to the nuts and bolts of it: inappropriate behavior.

Mom can think what she wants about pre-marital sex, abstinence, contraception, abortion -- whatever.  And, of course, she can (and should) teach her child in whatever manner she feels is appropriate.

And hey, if you want to attend sex ed classes with your kid (horrifying -- mainly for the kids) that's cool too.

But, any respectable parent understands that any school -- even a "progressive school in a college town," as she referred to East Lansing High, has acceptable standards of conduct, and what a horrible example of a decent adult human being honoring that code of conduct she set in her live tweets.  (Sidebar: Sex ed in high school?!  I thought they were teaching it in 3rd grade now.)

The profanity-laden tweets, publicly thrashed the school and the curriculum that she was clearly in opposition to before the class even started.  At one point even suggesting via a Tweet that she would like to share her sexual experiences with the class.

Gross.  Tacky.

Hey mom, ya know, schools try to encourage kids to manage problems, particularly problems with other people, in personable, sensible, straight-forward ways.  Ya know, exactly the opposite of a social media tirade.  So, good work.

To me, this is so much less about sex ed and more about just simply being a good role model for your kid and other kids.

Tweeting your displeasure, especially in such a manner, rather than -- I don't know -- attending a PTA meeting is sending the wrong message about how to have productive conversations and effect meaningful change.

With that being said, I've got kids that will soon enough be heading into sex ed classes at school, and while my wife and I will certainly have appropriate conversations at the times we, as their parents, deem appropriate, those conversations will, indeed, include abstinence as the best option before marriage.  And I will be appreciative of a school curriculum that supports the idea that sex can wait.