If you have been hibernating the past few months because of Covid-19, you really need to get downtown. There are a ton of activities all of the time. Even with Minor League Baseball cancelled and no fireworks this year because of the pandemic, there are still plenty of things to see and do.

There are so many family things for everyone to be involved with. Like River Town Adventures where you can get kayak, canoe, or bike rentals. Then there are all the great restaurants like the Nuthouse and Lansing Brewing Company, just to name a couple. There is also the legendary Peanut Shop too.

You can also head to the Lansing River Trail to walk, bike and jog. Or you can visit the Lansing Center, which offers the Greater Lansing Area Hall of Fame where a slew of great athletes and personalities are honored. It’s really a hidden gem of our great city.

There is the R. E. Olds Museum, and Potter Park Zoo isn’t that far away either. You can check out the Impression 5 Science Center, Michigan State Capitol, Hawk Island Park, Michigan History Center and the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden (which is on MSU's campus).

I almost forgot guys, the best men’s clothier in the state is Kositchek’s. They opened in 1865. There are so many awesome businesses and attractions that it's hard to list them all, so I apologize to any business or non-profit group that I didn’t name.

As you probably know now after reading this post, there is great amount to do in our great city of Lansing. So get out there and check it out! Fun fact: did you know Lansing was once called Biddle City? Look it up!

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