According to MLive, the longtime Downtown Jackson business, Beffel Lighting, is set to close soon after being in Jackson for almost 100 years. Biffell Lighting is well known in Jackson and Mid-Michigan because the business is in a retail space and apartment. When you enter Beffel Lighting you will be in a showroom full of light fixtures. But the business isn't done there as they also have a basement which is packed with products and when you go upstairs the old apartments are stuffed with lamp shades.

Unfortunately though Beffel Lighting is having to leave their building at 208 S. Jackson St., by June 30th, after 92 years. They have to leave as Beffel Lighting has sold the building to General Capital, which is set to put up low and moderate-income apartments.

If you would like to check it out before they close or buy something, Beffel Lighting’s final sale starts at 9 a.m. Thursday, April 25th. The sale will have everything at least 30% off. If you don't buy anything you can still see a lot of history there as they have been in that same building for over 90 years and they even have something older than their business there as they have a cash register (which they still use) older than 100 years.

You can see more about Beffel Lighting and their history here. 

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