If you're in the area of Downtown Grand Ledge and have a hearty appetite, you may want to try your hand gut at the "Chopping Block" challenge.

The "Chopping Block" challenge takes place at Crossroads Barbecue, 221 S. Bridge Street in Downtown Grand Ledge. And if you're willing to give it a go, the Lansing State Journal says this is what you'll be consuming...

  • A full rack of ribs
  • A pound of brisket
  • A pound of sausage
  • A pound of fries
  • 12 smoked chicken wings
  • A large drink

Everything but the bones needs to be eaten to complete this deliciously daring challenge. Even the owner; 6'4", 350 pound Lee Burmeister, says "It's a heck of a feat." If you're able to take down this mammoth mound of meats, you won't have to pay for the food you just ate (which costs about $100), and you'll also score a t-shirt and get your picture put on the wall in the restaurant.

Check out more details about Crossroads Barbecue and the "Chopping Block" challenge HERE!

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