Vaya con Dios. Loosely translated is 'Go with God".

But first, we super soaker!

I think the saying goes, "no good deed goes unpunished".

And in the case of this Detroit priest who decided to bless people with holy water from the barrel of a water gun, congrats padre. You and your deeds have been immortalized as you are now officially deemed "meme worthy".

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Let's start at the beginning and head back to Easter.

Photos posted on social media by the St. Ambrose Church show the Rev. Tim Pelc shooting water into a car window as it stopped by the steps of the church on Easter. He wore a mask, face shield and rubber gloves as further precautions against spreading the coronavirus. (Rochester First)



It’s an internet law: once a post or photo about you goes viral, you must end up in a meme. (St. Ambrose Parish)

So for your viewing pleasure, we bring you the best of Holy Water Drive By Blessings 2020. Enjoy. And "Vaya Con Dios".

Also whoever came up with "The Good, The Bad & The Holy Spirit", hats off to you and you win the internet (if just for today because I laughed way to hard at that...Father forgive me lol).

And apparently, this whole thing has gone world wide. Way to go Father.

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