Even though it is the winter that doesn't stop construction season as crews are in Jackson county reconstructing a nearly 90 year old bridge. According to MLive, construction crews are out at the old Moon Lake Road Bridge, bordering Leoni and Napoleon townships, fixing it so it can be around for another few more years.

The construction work began on Monday, and Jackson County Department of Transportation is closing the bridge to traffic until the project is done. If you use this bridge or road you aren't going to be left out as there is a detour to M-50 and Napoleon Road.

The reason for the construction is that the bridge has been one lane for the last two years. Also there are weight restrictions that is hurting the flow of traffic and some drivers haven been avoiding the bridge for years anyway. But after the JCDOT is done with this, which should be by June, the bridge will be taller and stronger and allow for two lanes of cars on it.

You can see more on the project and what the new bridge will look like here.

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