Wanna watch Demi Lovato make out with a pillow featuring Ed Sheeran's face? "Ew!"

The Confident pop star appeared on The Tonight Show Monday, March 27, where she joined Jimmy Fallon for "Ew!," the host's popular comedy sketch where he and a guest dress as teen girls and shriek "ewww!" at things both good and bad.

Wearing a sequined kitty cat shirt and her hair in pink-streaked pigtails, Lovato sat on Fallon's couch—erm, Sara-without-the-h's couch—to gab about Spring Fling, shopping at the mall and the irrelevance of having a date. ("I’m so glad we’re going together. Who needs boys anyway?" Sara declares.)

Worried they might have to smooch a boy or two at the school dance, however, the two decide to practice their kissing skills on "crush pillows": For Lovato, that's Sheeran, while Fallon gets a pillow with Mario Lopez on it.

Watch up top. Ew!

Demi Lovato's Hair Evolution:

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