Michigan is still growing with more and more people coming to live all across Michigan each year. MLive just did an article to show how each county in Michigan has grown over each decade, using census data from each decade.

Below are some population trends from a few Mid-Michigan counties. Note that the 2016 population will be posted along with the highest population for that county since 1900.

  • Ingham - 2016 Population-  288,051. Which is the highest its been since 1900
  • Ionia - 2016 Population - 64,232. The highest its been.
  • Jackson - 2016 Population - 158.460. Which is a drop from their 2010 population of 160,248.
  • Mason - 2016 Population - 28,876. Minimal growth over the last 2 decades.
  • Clinton - 2016 Population - 77,888. Clinton County has seen a growth pretty much every decade over the last 100 years.
  • Shiawassee - 2016 Population - 71,687. Shaiwassee's population peeked in 2000 and has seen a slight decrease in population over the last few years.

To see the full list of county populations and their growth or decrease, check it out here. 

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