A convoy of an anticipated 60 trucks carrying hay, tools and supplies to farms and farmers in the fire-ravaged southern states including Kansas and Oklahoma left Morrice on Sunday afternoon to great and deserved fanfare. State Representative Ben Frederick was among the more than three hundred people on hand to see the drivers off.

For those not planning to make the entire drive without a stop, Effingham Illinois was designated as a planned overnight, with a 7am restart on Monday morning, making for a planned Kansas arrival in the late Monday evening hours.

Of Michigan's 83 counties, 63 are represented by farmers headed south to show Pure Michigan love and support in just this push, Dan Ritter of Runnin R Transport announced, and at least one farmer came in from out of state to participate as well.

This is not the first shipment of aid by Michigan farmers. In fact, a convoy left the Thumb area on Friday March 17th, and another convoy was expected to leave Michigan's thumb area this afternoon as well, The Times-Herald reported.

A reported more than one million acres burned earlier this month, fueled by heat and dry conditions. Seven people were killed in four states; Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado. Lives and livelihoods have been devastated as farms, including crops, homes and livestock succumbed to flames that began on March 6th and swept hundreds upon hundreds of square miles over two days.

See more photos and video below.

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