We do get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, but overall, daylight savings time is useless and not needed. Here's why. First off, do you even know why we have daylight savings time.....anyone? It's not about farmers or about school kids, these are just what we assume the reason to be.

"The main purpose of daylight saving time (called "Summer Time" in many places in the world) is to make better use of daylight," this is the reason Benjamin Franklin pushed for it a century ago. Daylight savings was actually started by the Germans and taken up by us during World War 2 to save energy.

But really do we actually use that extra hour of sunlight any more than the previous months? No, not really. Daylight savings time actually causes more problems than solutions. First, people think daylight savings is nice because we get an extra hour of sleep or an extra hour of sun in the summer, but this time change is actually disruptive to our bodies. The time change causes damage to our body clocks because no matter what time it might say on your phone or watch, your body just isn't going to change that quickly. Daylight savings time has been known to also cause more car accidents and more suicides and attempts, as well as more heart attacks. So if you are feeling sick on Monday, blame it on daylight savings and also maybe get a check up from your doctor so you can be healthy for the winter.

Plus, according to gizmodo.com, the stock market always goes down with daylight savings time and the economy stands to lose billions of dollars due to people not shopping on the day after. Also energy use goes up during daylight savings time, so just a heads up, you will be spending more on your energy bill.

Read more of the negative factors on daylight savings time here. 

Here's a great video from Last Week Tonight on wondering why we still do this.

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