So there is a new scam going around this time in East Lansing, and the scam is using a business to get your credit card. The scam was alerted to East Lansing residents because the scammers are using the H and H Mobil Gas Station, on the corner of Haslett Road and Hagadorn, as part of the scam to get people's credit card numbers.

So the scam is pretty simple but still don't fall for it. The scammers are saying they work or from H and H Mobil Gas Station and are asking for your credit card number to renew your parking permit. This is unfortunately a scam and the East Lansing Police are warning you and telling you again NOT TO SHARE YOUR INFO OR CREDIT CARD WITH ANYONE OVER THE PHONE. 

If you have gotten a phone call that sounds like this or you think you may have been scammed please contact the ELPD, you can see their post on this scam below.



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