Just a heads up.

If you find what appears to be an explosive device in your house or on your property: DON'T TOUCH OR MOVE IT.

And please don't drive it to the police station. They would be happy to bring the bomb squad and emergency crews to you.


A couple in Wyoming, Michigan (bless their hearts) were going through a deceased relative's things and happened to stumble across what appeared to be some military munitions. Some of which were grenades.

They figured the best  course of action would be to let the cops figure it out. So they drove what they found to the police station.

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What a great way to kick off your Tuesday morning, huh? You brought what? Into the police station? And you drove those here. Get out! No...seriously. Put those down and get out of the precinct.

An evacuation that lasted 45 minutes followed. Thankfully, the grenades they found were inert, dummy rounds.

All is well. But moving forward, if you find anything that looks like it could go boom and you don't know if it's real or not, don't chance it. Don't touch it, don't move it, and PRETTY PLEASE don't drive it across town to the police station.

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