Conor McGregor's temper got the best of him and now, he's facing charges after ATTACKING A BUS!

He's been arrested and charged with assault and criminal mischief after he allegedly went on a terror, that was all caught on camera, after a UFC 223 press conference at the Barclays Center


Two senior law enforcement sources told News 4 late Thursday that McGregor is expected to face a judge Friday after multiple social media accounts captured video of him acting wildly in a non-public area of the arena. One video showed McGregor picking up a metal guardrail and running with it in an apparent attempt to throw it at a departing bus carrying several other fighters including rival Khabib Nurmagomedov.

McGregor allegedly continued flailing other items around and ultimately launched something that hit the window of the bus, cracking it and shattering the glass, video taken from inside the bus shows. Michael Chiesa, another UFC fighter who was set to compete in the weekend's events, had minor injuries.

A source close to McGregor told News 4 that he was "upset and distraught" following the episode.



UFC President Dana White -- who earlier this week announced that McGregor was being stripped of his UFC lightweight championship -- told MMAjunkie in a Facebook interview that McGregor and a crew of about 20 men "stormed" the building after gaining access from media-credentialed people at Barclays and got to the loading dock, where fighters were boarding buses after a press conference for Saturday's pay-per-view card.

"They started to attack the buses, throwing trash cans and dollies and things like that -- broke one of the windows and cut Michael Chiesa really bad. He cut his head, he cut his face," said White, adding that other people were injured.

"Obviously everybody's shaken up... this is the most disgusting thing that's ever happened in the history of this company," White said.

White added McGregor would be "sued beyond belief" and that it was a "real bad career move on his part."

"It's disgusting," he said. "I don't think anyone's going to be a huge Conor McGregor fan after this."

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