Yes you could actually make some money and all you have to do is watch "Friends". Now this should be easy for most of us since its on TV all of the time and you can't say you haven't watched an episode or four when it comes on. Well now your addiction to the show can make you some cash.

So Frontier Communications is going to paying some "Friends" super fans $1,000 to watch 25 hours of Friends. According to the website, the person chosen will have to watch the 25 hours – roughly 60 episodes – before Sept. 22, 2019. As you watch you will also be live-tweeting about the show as well as tweeting a photo of you and your friends. Just for fun I like to watch several episodes of "Friends" so this would be easy money for me!

Along with the money you will also get a Friends Fandom Fun Pack which has a Friends T-shirt, Central Perk mug, popcorn, treats, and a 12-month Netflix subscription, according to a press release. You must apply first and see more on it here. 

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