You should know that you should always buckle your seat belt but over the next two weeks, police will be out to to make sure you do. The annual Click-It or Ticket campaign has started today, May 20th, and will run for the next two weeks. The 2019 National Seat Belt Enforcement Mobilization is when Michigan State Police will patrol the highways and streets to find drivers not buckled in. And you will want to make sure you are buckled in as a fine could cost up to $65 for not being buckled in.

According WZZM and driver stats, since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration started recording seat belt data in 1975, seat belts have saved over 344,000 lives. Also the Michigan State Police want to get to 100% seat belt usage as Michigan stands at 93.4%, while the national rate in 2018 was 89.6%. If those stats don't get you to make sure you're buckled in then just know that last Memorial Day weekend, 19 people died in traffic crashes, which is almost double then 2017.

Click it or Ticket runs from May 20th - June 2nd. And Michigan law requires drivers, passengers in the front and anyone 15 and younger to be buckled up. In addition, Children must be in a car seat or booster seat until they are 8 years old or are 4 feet, 9 inches tall. More on the campaign here. 

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