Technology is amazing. The things we can do now with phones and computers boggle the mind. Back in the day, they thought we'd have flying cars by now. They can almost drive themselves so we're getting there.

We've got facial recognition software. Your phone can even use your face to unlock it.

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In some video games, they feature face mapping. They can take a photo of you and put it on a character so you're really playing with someone that looks like you. Personalize your own avatar.

But let's take that ONE STEP FURTHER.

We've gone from transferring photos to video, video to dvd, restoring and modifying old photos from back in the day to...animation.

Not only can you take a photo of say, your dad. From way back in the day when he was a kid in elementary school.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Enhance that photo.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Look at that handsome devil.

But wait, there's more. How about we animate it?!?

I have never met my granddad (my father's father). He died three years before I was born. I have been blessed to learn a lot about him and get some amazing photos of this World War II vet.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

And after uploading the photo, I didn't even bother with the enhance. I just wanted to see if it would work.

And there's my grandfather. Used to be just stoic but now with some motion, life, and almost a smile every now and then.

Be forewarned. Not all of them turn out great. Some do come out a little...creepy. And once an animation is done and if you don't like it, you can go in and change it. There were 10 different animations I could choose from.

The website is They are one of those online ancestry/genealogy websites. You have to go there and sign up for a free 14 day trial to access this for free. And during that time you can explore the site and upload, enhance, and animate some of your old family photos.

After the 14 day trial you will be charged. So please be aware of that.

At the end of the free trial period, you will be charged $149.50 and benefit from a 50% discount on the regular price for one year. Thereafter you will be charged annually if you keep the subscription. (myheritage)

Their DNA test kits start at $79.

I went in to give this a shot and I went deep down the rabbit hole.

Next thing I know I was calling my mom and getting family member names, birthdays, and when they died. I spent one afternoon and I have already built up a pretty decent chunk of my family tree on one side.

I don't know if I'm going to send in for a DNA test, but all this has certainly got me intrigued. I had never considered the ancestry thing before.

And even if that's not your thing, enhancing, restoring and making an old family photo come to life for free is totally worth it.

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