Let's be honest. Kid photos with Santa are either a win or a fail. You either get smiles & cute and so adorable & sweet that you get cavities just from looking at it.

Mall Santa in El Paso, Texas
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Or you get pure shock and terror. Even from back in the day children have had a traumatic response to jolly old St. Nick.

Tears At Christmas
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This year things are definitely going to look different because of the pandemic. A lot of malls and places with Santa are going the touchless route, the plexiglass route, or doing away with Santa visits altogether. No Santa, no tears right?

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Now you might have a hard time understanding why a kid would be afraid of Santa. Looks like grandpa, fat, jolly, you know he brings you gifts and presents. Why you crying?

But you would certainly understand why a kid would not like this guy.

christmas movies netflix 2018
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Even if your kids read the Dr. Seuss books, you'd probably figure that seeing this guy in person (unlike Santa) is pure nightmare fuel.

So why would you set up a photoshoot with your child (a little girl) in what appears to be a Christmas Tree farm, with a Grinch who sneaks up on her, and expect nothing but success? Not like the kid turns around and is like, "Oh yay...the Grinch is here! Happy times".

Nope quite the opposite.

And we've got all the pictures to spell it out in graphic detail.

It starts innocent enough.

You see it coming but she doesn't.

This is worse than a horror movie.

Seriously, who does this to a child? What kind of parents are you?

If "AWW HELL NAW" were a picture.

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