In case you're wondering, yes - those are his cars in the driveway pictures.

If you've got $3.35 million sitting around, burning a hole in your pocket, you can own the former home of the pride of Michigan, Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem.

The rap god purchased the Oakland County home, located at 5760 Winkler Mill Road in Rochester Hills, back in 2003 after the enormous success of Slim Shady and The Marshall Mathers LP. He lived in it until as recently as 2017 when he sold it to the current owners.

So, yes - the furniture you're seeing in the pictures isn't his.  But the cars in the driveway? Yep - those are old pictures. Those are his.

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The house is enormous - 17,500 square feet and it boasts six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Wood floors, stepped ceilings, a pool, a hot tub, a private pond, a three-car garage, and a big, open kitchen. According to the Detroit Free Press, the mansion used to be known as the KMart mansion, because it was owned by the CEO of KMart before Eminem purchased it.

He also lived in a mansion in Clinton Township, which he spent more time at. But still, the stench of Eminem probably still lives all over this place, if you're a super fan. With $3 million.

Eminem's Mansion is For Sale in Michigan

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