Are you or your kids into LEGOs or building blocks? Because there are several sets and instructions to build your favorite Michigan landmark. I'm a huge fan of LEGOs as I have had them as a kid and still sometimes will buy sets of certain landmarks or cities and build them, such as the Death Star from Star Wars or the New York City skyline. But I was looking online a few weeks ago to find sets of several Michigan landmarks.

First, this is for all of the sports fans, whether that means you are a Michigan State fan or a U of M fan. Now just a note as these sets aren't LEGOs but they are BRXLZ which are basically LEGOs but these sets are officially backed by LEGOs. You can check out the U of M Stadium set here, and see the Michigan State Stadium set here, thanks to They both have over 3,000 pieces so this might take a while but you have your own Spartan Stadium or Big House in your house.

Next, this isn't a LEGO set yet, but through your votes it could be. LEGO has a contest where they ask people to propose new LEGO set ideas. One person has suggested a set for the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, the set looks great as it is 9 feet long and over 700 pieces. It still needs some votes to become a set, but you can see it and vote for it here. Plus if you can think of any other Michigan LEGO sets, they take suggestions as well, when you vote for the Grand Hotel it will give details.

You can see more about LEGOs and their sets here.

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