2019 census data for Michigan is in: people in Michigan are moving from east to west - and the U.P. is getting wilder and less populated.

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According to MLive.com, the state of Michigan now has just under 10 million people living here. The fastest growing part of Michigan is out west, with the area around Grand Rapids gaining about 9% since 2010. Detroit continues to lose population, but the suburbs around it are gaining population. In the Upper Peninsula the population is now thought to be under 300,000.

In our area of Mid-Michigan, one of the fastest growing communities in the state is Aurelius Township (south of Holt and west of Mason). Livingston County and Clinton County are both growing at a good clip, also.

We only need about 13,000 people to get to 10 million. So, everyone needs to start making babies or we need to crank up those "Pure Michigan" commercials again.

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