Two weeks ago I asked for your best dog pose pictures and I got a ton of them and now I'm looking for weird poses of your cats. If you have had a cat long enough you have probably caught your cat laying or forming itself into some weird shape, that's the picture I'm looking for you to take.

I know it can be tough to take a pic of your cat sometimes so if you can't get a picture of your cat in some weird shape then get a picture of him or her laying on something that isn't normal. You can also get a picture of your cat laying on your lap or laying with you cause who doesn't want to see a sweet picture of your fur baby.

Any cat picture will do and you can take some ideas from my pictures above. After you have the picture, you can send it to us through our app. Just go to "Submit Photo/Video." You will see the gallery next week and you can show your cat the weird shape and poses they get into.

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