If you were at the Detroit Metro Airport on October 23rd you will want to check up on yourself as two cases of measles have been reported on that day. The two cases have been confirmed in Oakland County and the Michigan Health Department also confirmed the cases too.The cases arrived at Detroit Metro Airport on October 23rd on flight sometime around 5 PM.

According to WXYZ, If you were at the airport at time please be aware of these symptoms as it is the signs of measles: High fever, cough, runny nose, tiny white spots on the inner cheeks, gums, and roof of the mouth, as well as a rash that is red, raised, blotchy; usually starts on face and will spread to rest of the body. The last two symptoms will happen about 2 to 3 days after the first three start. If you happened to be at the airport on that day and you have any of these symptoms go to the doctor immediately. Symptoms can show up about 21 days after contact so these symptoms can show up by early next week.

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