(Video: The Grommet via YouTube)

Credit: The Grommet via YouTube
Credit: The Grommet via YouTube

Folks really make carving a turkey out to be such a hassle. And in most families, there is that one person who handles it. Usually dad or grandpa because of tradition, even though mom might be better at it.

Now just in case they decide to pass the job on to you (or you're one of the above aforementioned people), imagine the oohs and ahhs you'll get when you whip this bad boy out. Or give it as the perfect gift for that over the top, power tool loving, turkey carver in your life.


You will be the life of the event not only entertaining family and friends but forever embedding a fun memory into a family tradition. This reciprocating knife has surgical grade stainless steel and machine cut razor sharp serrated edges, carving a turkey has never been easier.

Get the job done with style; carve like a Pro. (Mighty Carver)

And it's only $69.99. Not just a gag gift, but a real reciprocating electric knife that comes with a meat fork.

Meat fork is a fun thing to say.

It's a pretty cool holiday gift and conversation piece. Especially if folks don't know you're gonna pull it out to chop up the bird. The looks on peoples faces will be priceless. Take pictures. Make a video. Chase people around with it. Ok...not that last part.

And I'm pretty sure you can use it to cut up plenty of stuff and not just turkey.

Why do I wanna get one of these, carve up a turkey, and grunt like Tim The Toolman Taylor?

(Video: YouTube)

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