Cardi B debuted a new look during Paris Fashion Week on Saturday (September 28). Cardi was covered head to toe in a floral print that turned heads.

Though the paparazzi couldn't see her face, they ended up swarming the rapper in front of the historic Eiffel Tower.

"How they going to understand it when they don’t even understand me," Cardi wrote on Twitter accompanying the tweet with images of her outfit.

"I heard you bitches were missing me at Fashion Week New York. I'm here to serve it to you mother-f--kers, and serve it to you cold, you b--ches could never" she said in an Instagram video.

The social media reactions to Cardi's outing were mixed. Most fans created comedic memes about Cardi's fully covered attire, however, some fans pointed out a French law that bans Niqabs (face veils typically worn by Muslim women) in public places. One fan even questioned if Cardi would be fined for her face being covered in public.

Watch Cardi strut her stuff and fan reactions, below!

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