The event taking place until September 13th is a smaller, more toned down of the regular Bright Walls festival that was cancelled for this year due to COVID-19.

This year was supposed to be the third and final year of Bright Walls, a mural-painting festival that brings in artists from all over the world to come brighten up Downtown Jackson with beautiful art.

Organizers have since postponed the "official" Bright Walls festival to 2021 but still wanted to do something so Bright Spots is here to still bring the spirit of the festival to town just on a smaller scale with three murals at three locations, spread further apart.

According to MLive, the murals are underway and are located at locations a bit further from the heart of downtown but house nonprofits.

The artists and where they are painting, as MLive reports, are:

Here is a look at how Steffi Lynn was doing during the first day of the event on Sunday, September 6th!

To make this year's experience even more unique for those who wish to still get out and watch the artists paint and see their creations, organizers have also put together a scavenger hunt for the week of Bright Spots.

MLive, citing a news release, said each day's scavenger hunt is outdoors to comply with recommended COVID-19 guidelines and all you need is your phone and a way to get around!

Clues (and optional hints) can be shared by texting 866-839-8957 and once you get them you have 12 hours to complete the hunt where participants will also be taken to each spot for challenges to receive extra points.

So what do they win? MLive said "top point earners will be entered to win a Bright Walls swag bag daily."

If you are in the Jackson area and looking for something fun to do while also watching and appreciating art, this week is the time to do it!

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