A few years ago, we had a family friend overdose and die from his heroin addiction. Rumor is, he overdosed and his "friends" left his dead body on the side of the road on 1-96 in Detroit. He had a little girl and I spoke at his funeral. It was a very terrible thing and the family is still reeling from the loss. Likely they will never come to terms with it.

Junkies are a different breed. Their addiction is so bad, once they hear other people overdosing on a drug, they want to try it themselves. Another way to chase the dragon. Dealers want the most powerful stuff too. Since Fentanyl came around, a lot more people are dying and the epidemic has touched millions of families.

Now in Michigan health officials are warning about Purple heroin. It's like a cocktail of drugs including Fentanyl and heroin with a new drug mixed in, Brorphine. Brorphine is supposed to be as powerful as Fentanyl, 50 to 100 times more powerful than Morphine. It's already killed one person in the Upper Peninsula and 7 people nationwide.

Movies to scare the kids away from even trying heroin:

#1. Rush. (The movie features Greg Allman as a drug dealer)

#2. The Basketball Diaries.

Just seeing these movies made me never want to try heroin but these drugs are so addictive. Just one try could kill you. We are still dealing with the epidemic during the pandemic.

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