I hope you got everywhere you wanted to go to this summer safely because according to new statistics, it was a dangerous driving summer. According to research from ASecureLife.com, if you were driving on I-94 it was a risky drive during the last few summers. As I-94 was named the most dangerous highway in Michigan, this wasn't based just on injuries but also deaths in crashes.

ASecureLife made their list of the deadliest roads through the country, and actually have a list of the #1 and #2 deadliest ones in each state. They made their list using information and research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to find out which roads had the most fatal crashes from May through September of 2015, 2016 and 2017. I-94 came in at #1 with 41 fatalities reported, while I-75 came in second with 38 deaths, and I-96 was third with 26 deaths.

There is one major thing, according to the NHTSA, that you can do to reduce your chances of a crash, which is have regular maintenance on your car (especially with your brakes, lights, and fluids).

You can see the full report here.

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