Red means Stop, but apparently a lot of us still don't, which not only puts you at risk but others on the road of injuries or even death. According to WILX & AAA, that is what is happening as the number of people killed by drivers running red lights has hit a 10-year high. AAA always urges you to slow down at a yellow light and be stopped at a red light or something bad can happen as the stats show. Back in 2017, which are the most relevant stats AAA uses, 939 people were killed by vehicles blowing through red lights. This is the highest since 2008 and more than 25% above the rate in 2012.

AAA is alarmed and doesn't know why people running red lights is on the rise or why they have increased at a higher rate than other road related accidents. Since 2012, the overall number of highway fatalities rose 10%, far short of the 28% increase in red-light running deaths. Also here's another scary stat, AAA says two people are killed every day in the U.S. by drivers who don't stop for the signals.

Here are some things to do to insure your safety and other drivers safety as well:

  • #1 Always slow down at Yellow Lights
  • #3 When the light turns green look to the left and right before going through the intersection to make sure no other cars or people are still in the road.

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