Do you have a dog? Do you and the dog that you own live in Michigan? Is your dog or dogs licensed for he county that you and your dog or dogs live in?

Yes? Great!

No? Uh oh...

In the State of Michigan, if you own a canine you have to have a licence for that canine to the county that you live in with said canine or if you will, canines. I don't know how many doggos you own (by the way, I've never used the word "doggo" or "doggos" before. I've just seen it on the internet a couple of times and thought I'd throw it in here) but no matter how many, you've got to have a license for them.

So, if you have unlicensed canines, it's time to get them licensed in the County of Ingham if you live here because now Ingham County Animal Control is cracking down. This from a press release today from ICAC regarding those who don't licence their Fidos:

In Ingham County, it is a misdemeanor offense and it is taken seriously. Ingham County dogs MUST have a current dog tag affixed to their collar at all time. A dog license could be the difference between your lost dog being lost permanently or reunited with their owners.

By the way, if you don't have a license for your dog and you want to get one, your "doggo" must have a rabies vaccination that is current. In Ingham County, a one year license is $15 if your dog has been spayed or neutered and $45 if you have not helped control the pet population according to Bob Barker and Drew Carey.

Get more info here about how to stay out of the dog house with Ingham County Animal Control from their website.

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