Yes, you read that right. Ben Wallace, a crown jewel of the Detroit Pistons organization, has partnered with Jackson-based cannabis company, Rair.

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About Rair

According to FOX 47 News, Rair is what they call a "vertically integrated cannabis company. This means they keep everything in-house from their unique growing techniques, to their processing, to their provisioning centers.

They grow their cannabis "aeroponically" which, as reported by FOX 47, means kind of how it sounds, with the air. More specifically, Rair's products are grown with the roots hanging in the air instead of in soil and cultivators use special nutrients and technology to keep them healthy.

"We removed all grow mediums, which are usually the biggest source of contamination, so by growing aeroponically we eliminate the biggest factor for outside contamination," Rair's director of Cultivation, Ashley Hubbard, told MLive. "So that allows us to be a lot cleaner of a grow.”

CLICK HERE for more information on Rair's growing process.

About Rair's Partnership With Wallace

Rair's Retail Director, Molly McFadden, told FOX 47 that the partnership came together pretty seamlessly and naturally as Ben Wallace was so impressed with the cannabis company, saying they stood out.

"There was a lot of synergies with the way that he sees cannabis use as a medication and its ability to be able to help a wide variety of people," McFadden said. "So, we share those values."

Wallace visited their grow facility and said in a statement, "I've met a few other cannabis brands, but none of them felt right. Then I met Rair and toured their grow facility. They’re non-stop pushing toward perfection, and it shows in what they put out there."

Thus, a beautiful partnership was formed and Wallace will soon have his own branded cannabis line including his own strain to be featured and sold as cannabis flower, pre-rolls and vape cartridges.

When and How It'll All Come Together

With four locations across Michigan (Bay City, Muskegon, Big Rapids and Lowell) Rair wants to expand and hopes that getting the stamp of approval from a Pistons legend is the way to get their name out there.

Per FOX 47, the products are to come online early in 2022.

With cannabis being Michigan's third-largest crop, it's safe to say there is a lot of competition across the state and Rair hopes this gives them a "slam dunk" above the rest.

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