A quick hint on social media seems to indicate that Bell's Brewery might be featured this week on The Daily Show.

I was scrolling through Kalamazoo's Reddit when I came across a post from u/tomhanksgiving that said,

Bell’s to be featured on The Daily Show next week.

The post, which you can see here, also included a screenshot from what looks like an Instagram Story that showed Jordan Klepper and Governor Gretchen Whitmer standing at the bar at Bell's Brewery.

Why Bell's Brewery?

That's a great question.

Since Trevor Noah's departure, The Daily Show has had a string of guest hosts as they search for a permanent replacement. It just so happens that this upcoming week, 4/17 - 4/21, Jordan Klepper will be the guest host.

If you watch The Daily Show, you'll recognize Klepper as the "man on the streets". Lately, he's been conversing and conducting interviews with supporters of Donald Trump at his rallies, arrest protests, and beyond:

What you might not know is that Klepper is actually from Kalamazoo. Hence why he might feel compelled to feature the most well-known brewery in our area while he's guest-hosting the show.

What is the Episode Going to be About?

I wish I could tell you.

I scoured The Daily Show's website for an upcoming schedule or synopsis of episodes to no avail. But, I have a theory.

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Since The Daily Show delivers more left-leaning content, I'm going to take a guess that the episode might focus on the recent series of gun-control-related policies that have been signed into law or are very close to being signed into law. The policies center around safe storage, universal background checks, and red flag laws. Read more here.

With the constant and continuous conversations about what to do about the persistent gun violence in America, I wouldn't be surprised if those policies weren't at least mentioned in the episode.

Or, maybe Big Gretch joined Klepper for a pint to talk about fixing the damn roads. What do I know?

Whatever the focused content of the episode, I think it'll be pretty wonderful to see Kalamazoo and Bell's Brewery getting some national attention.

Find The Daily Show's schedule, past events, and upcoming guest hosts here.

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