Honestly, I had thought that "Cops" the tv show was done. The latest in reality, police tv that I was aware of was "Live PD". But COPS is indeed alive and well. And has plans to film in Ingham County. In fact, they were solicited (along with several other shows) to do so. And they were the only one who said agreed.

The long-running TV show “Cops” plans to film in Ingham County, offering what Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth labeled a “great opportunity” to showcase local law enforcement officers.

The Sheriff’s Office reached out to several reality TV shows in January, Wriggelsworth said. “Cops” — with more than 1,000 episodes on the air since it premiered on FOX in 1989 — was the only to respond. And early plans call for Langley Productions to film in July and August across Ingham County, officials said.

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