A group of Jackson residents worked together to free a group of trapped ducklings from a sewer.

This is the type of feel-good news we need as the world continues to feel more and more divided. A group of residents in Jackson, Michigan worked together to get baby ducklings trapped in a sewer freed with the guidance of a licensed waterfowl rescue center. 

A group of concerned residents in one Jackson neighborhood worked together to rescue these adorable trapped ducklings after area law enforcement said they could not help.

The man pictured going into the sewer is Kyle. Kyle and his girlfriend got the rescue into motion after calls to 911 could not produce help. The group of concerned neighbors were able to pull five of the ducklings out of a storm drain when one scared duckling swam through an opening that led to the sewer. That is when Kyle stood up to the plate and made his way into the dark depths that many of us would not dare attempt to save the distressed baby duck.

Attempts to reunite the ducklings with their mother went late into the evening and were unsuccessful despite the best efforts. The ducklings were brought to Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center where the babies are said to be enjoying 5-star accommodations and are being cared for by professionals.

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