Arts Night Out is back in Old Town Lansing, where you and your friends or family can enjoy art, music, theater and so much more. Arts Night Out is a free festival that happens every other month or so throughout the shops and buildings in Old Town Lansing. Arts Night Out is presented by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, in partnership with local commercial and business associations

If you have never been to Arts Night Out, just know that there are so many things for you to see such as street art, pop-up theater, local music, distinctive exhibits, performances and dance. Along with checking out all of that you can also wander around Old Town Lansing to see all of the shops, galleries, offices, bars and museums. In addition, the restaurants and bars and most shops will stay open throughout Arts Night Out so you can still get some food or drinks while enjoying the festivities.

Arts Night Out kicks off on Friday September 6th at 5pm, and it is free. You can check out where all of the galleries are here. 

Plus you can check out some of the past Arts Night Out here, from their Instagram.

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