Mere hours ahead of Monday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Nicki Minaj stirred up some major drama with Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner — so much so that the couple reportedly had their seats moved away from her at the show. But Minaj, apparently, still had plenty of tea left to spill.

During the live broadcast, she was captured exchanging some serious gossip with Ariana Grande, her frequent collaborator turned BFF. In a clip that's since begun circulating online, Grande can be seen whispering in Minaj's ear as she rolls her eyes, then leans in to say something else, which Grande laughs at. Theres no audio (and it would likely be too quiet to hear anyway), so it's impossible to tell for sure who she was shading, but Twitter certainly has some theories.

"ariana: how did camilla win artist of the year when my album is iconic. Nicki Minaj: because it's rigged no question about it," tweeted one user, referring to Grande's newly released fourth album, Sweetener.

"Ariana: 'my wife camila is going to wife' Nicki: 'idc normani is still my b---h," wrote another, calling back to a comment Minaj made earlier in the night after Tiffany Haddish shaded Fifth Harmony.

See more theories below.

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