Ariana Grande had Mac Miller on her mind on what would have been his 27th birthday.

The pop star posted a cryptic message on Twitter, seemingly about the deceased rapper on Saturday. She did not include any photos, or mention him by name, however.

"Miss u," Grande tweeted, only to delete later.

She also shared two photos of herself and her ex on Instagram. Grande, 25, appeared alongside Miller in the pictures, laughing and smiling. She did not include a message with the photos.

This is just one of many photo tributes Grande has shared to Miller since his September 2018 death. Weeks after he passed, the "7 Rings" singer shared a photo she snapped of him sitting on the ground looking up at her. The initial post featured a long caption, which has now been deleted.

She continued to post, then delete, other memorials to Miller on Twitter and Instagram. Grande has not spoken at length about her loss since shortly after it happened, though she's been clear that she's struggling.

Miller died at home of an accidental overdose. A toxicology report found fentanyl and cocaine in his system.

Mac Miller Through the Years

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