Mac Miller has unreleased music on the way.

On Wednesday (Jan. 8), a family member of the late rapper announced through his Instagram that Mac's first posthumous album was set to drop. Circles, the follow-up to his 2018 album Swimming, will be released on Jan. 17.

"This is a complicated process that has no right answer. No clear path. We simply know that it was important to Malcom for the world to hear it," the post read. It was the first image uploaded to Mac's account since his passing. "One of the most difficult decisions in the process is how best to let people know about it –– how to communicate meaningfully while keeping sacred what should be kept sacred. So this will be the only post on any of his channels. Information regarding this release, his charity, and Malcom himself will be found @92tilinfiity. Thank you to all the fans who’ve supported him unconditionally though the years. We miss him. We are left to imagine where Malcom was going and to appreciate where he was. We hope you talk this time to listen. The look on his face when everyone was listening said it all. With humility and gratitude. Malcom’s family."

Mac Miller passed away from a fatal overdose on Sept. 7, 2018. Three men have been arrested in connection with his death. Cameron James Pettit, Stephen Walter and Ryan Reavis were hit with various drug selling charges, and they all face a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years in federal prison and the potential for life without parole if convicted.

Pettit pleaded not guilty in October of 2019. Reavis and Walter have yet to enter a plea.

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