Halsey opened up about mental health in the music industry and the tragic passings of her friends.

In an interview with The Guardian posted on Friday (February 28), the 25-year-old spoke candidly about the deaths of Mac Miller and Juice WRLD.  Juice WRLD passed away in December of last year from an accidental overdose while Miller passed away in September of 2018 from an accidental overdose. The "Graveyard" singer was friends with both musicians.

Miller's posthumous album was released the same day as Halsey's third studio album Manic. “It’s terrifying seeing your friends put out posthumous records,” she told the outlet. “Should I be prepared? Do I need to tell my team what to do if anything happened to me, what I wouldn’t want to go out? I used to say music immortalises you – then it got real. Hopefully, it’s a good thing that we’re talking about it because artists need to take better care of themselves.”

Halsey has also suffered from mental health issues and seven years ago tried to take her own life. She is committed to bettering herself and staying healthy but does worry about her overall health. “There’s been a lot of times where I’ve thought: ‘If I keep doing this I’m gonna die.’ Other times I think: ‘But if I’m alive and I’m not doing this I might as well be dead,'" she explained. "This is all I’ve known for the past five years. I hope the world gets more sensitive to that. I don’t think it will."

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