The 2020-21 school year is going to be different and school districts all around are making their plans with some going to hybrid learning. One of those school districts going for hybrid learning is Jackson, which announced today according to WLNS.

Hybrid Learning in Jackson is going to be like other districts but they might be in school on different days. First off students will be separated into two groups. The first group will go Monday, and Tuesday, and the other Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday is a day off for students but teachers will use it to plan for the next day. Wednesday will have the school empty so it can deep cleaned for the next group.

The split schedule for students will allow for less students in the classroom so social distancing can be adhered to. In addition, students and teachers will wear masks, which will be provided if needed.

Jackson is also going to help students with providing each student with a learning device (Ipad, or Chromebook), to help students get through the transition. The transition to this new style might take a week or two but it seems like Jackson is getting a head start on it now.

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