Looks like this "shortcut" was, quite literally, too short!

You know how in golf, the lowest score wins? Well in the case of this Amazon delivery driver, turns out the lowest tunnel did.

It is safe to say, Amazon drivers are all about getting things to you as quickly and efficiently as possible...have you ever seen them just park in a turn lane, run across traffic to deliver a package to a house on either side of the street? They truly try to waste no time.

That's why, according to MLive, this particular driver in Oxford, Michigan accidentally took a wrong turn, just following his GPS down one of Boulder Pointe Golf Club's cart paths.

Now seeing a driver on the course is pretty normal...when you take it out of your golf bag! But people definitely thought it was strange to see an Amazon driver out there.

Then, the delivery van, full of packages, got stuck under a tunnel that was a bit too short for it to fit under, which makes sense considering it's meant for golf carts and not Amazon vans...

Of course, as MLive shared, the owner of the course was a bit frustrated at first especially considering there was also a wedding at Boulder Pointe that day, but the proper authorities were called, a tow truck showed up and everything was done in under two hours!

Of course, those clever folks at Amazon were still able to make their deliveries the rest of the day as MLive said an Amazon supervisor came out to the course to move the packages from the stuck van and give the driver a ride...

All in all, everyone involved had a good laugh, have a funny story to tell and we all get to share in it!

While being an Amazon delivery driver sounds like an interesting job, here are a few others you could try to guess based on their simplest, goofiest descriptions:

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