The pandemic has had many unseen & unpredictable side effects. The quarantine came with a lot of isolation. Not just from people but from the programs that some needed to cope.

With many government buildings, offices, and programs being shut down, a lot of people were left in the cold when it came to dealing with personal issues and getting help for mental health concerns, depression, and alcoholism and addiction.

The effects of social isolation can have significant consequences for a person’s physical, emotional and cognitive health, in particular. And for someone struggling with or recovering from addiction, social isolation can lead down a deeper path of drug abuse or even trigger a relapse. (Footprints Beachside)

As states continue to open back up - government programs are returning to help, recovery groups are back to meeting (both in person and online), and people again have a place to turn.

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A lot of people have gone back out and returned to their old ways in the absence of programs and meetings.

Regional health officials are tracking a recent spike in local drug overdose deaths from the three months following the arrival of COVID-19 in Greater Lansing.

A report released this week by Sparrow Health System’s Department of Forensic Pathology showed that at least 42 people died in Ingham County from drug overdoses between April 1 and June 30 — contributing to the largest quarterly increase since at least 2017. (City Pulse)

This week there will be help in the from of a Free Virtual Rally.


" UPLIFTING THE LOCKDOWN" is a FREE interactive live stream event Sept. 16-18 hosted by Unite to Face Addiction (UTFA). The "festival" brings laughter, testimonials and music together to inspire and inform anyone that recover y is within reach. The event will be webcast on Facebook, YouTube, and on

The lineup includes nationally renowned recovery speakers Katie Donavan, Brandon Novak, Dan Schneider "The Pharmacist," former NFL star Tony Manderich, comedian Mark Lundholm and MORE! Musician Joe Jaber will also perform. (UTFA Facebook)

A live panel discussion regarding treatment and resources will also be on the schedule. Several events will offer Q&A for participants to get the most out of the gathering.


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