The Plainsman Motel is a landmark many who travel US 131 between Portage and Schoolcraft know well. The now-abandoned motor lodge has been tucked off the southbound highway for decades.

Long past its heyday and with some rooms destroyed in a 2018 fire, the site is now a magnet for urban exploration. (Editor's Note: Be aware of all local trespassing laws and respect property owners' rights.)

The Plainsman was featured recently on the Abandoned, Old and Interesting Places in Michigan Facebook group with fresh photos of the motel.

The motel was slated for destruction as part of a controlled burn that was to have been a training exercise for area fire departments in the spring of 2021.

This story, shared among the Facebook comments, tells of a harrowing experience at the Plainsman:

Almost lost my life in that place, I was a teenager, some guy literally put me in his car and drove me there. While he was in the shower I bolted and hid in what was the abandoned putt putt golf course next door (there use to be a faux rock structure that you could actually get inside of) I stayed in that thing for 2 days afraid if I came out he would find me. I was also a runaway so there was no chance for calling the cops. That place was awful, dangerous, drug addled and so much more.

Others remember better times:

It used to be a nice place. My friend used to go there with her hubby for get aways. Seems like she told me they'd rent a room with a hot tub, jacuzzi, something like that. That had to have been 15 years ago.

The Plainsman will likely never see another paying overnight guest, so it's gone the way of so many other lost businesses. Check out these chains that are now just memories:

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